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2020 Year in Review

In the spring of 2020, we installed a giant propane generator and three Tesla batteries to help when power outages occur. Before the Teslas were installed, we had a short power outage and the generator kicked in immediately. Worked like a charm! At least we won’t have to worry this harvest. The tasting room is still a work in progress as COVID-19 shut down Napa’s planning/building department. The virus also abruptly halted tourism and tasting customers. This has had a significant impact on the wine industry, but through all of this, we hope our community will come out stronger.

COVID impacts continued throughout the year with intermittent windows of opening up for tastings, then shutting down again. To add to it, fall heat brought fires to Spring Mountain. They jumped from the Howell Mountain “Glass Incident” fires all the way across the valley and started behind us, on the Sonoma side of Spring Mountain. We got incredibly lucky and were able to get 3 fire trucks right up to the top of our property behind the tasting room and make a stand as the fire crept up. We (myself, Irene, Cas and Heidi) left Sunday evening thinking that was it; we really believed that there was no stopping it. Fortunately for us, California is home to some of the best fire crews in the country and they were able to control the burn and save our home.

We returned on Tuesday morning and spent the week keeping a watchful eye (day and night) on our property and helping neighbours put out pop up fires wherever we could. Our little fire truck, that we hauled back all the way from Wisconsin the year before, got a real work out!

Sadly, we lost our entire crop to smoke taint. But Paloma stands and our family is healthy, and that is truly all that matters. Thanks to Caston and Heidi who came for harvest and ended up being firefighters.



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