With no 2020 crop, 2022 was the first year in 29 years that we did not bottle wine. It was a bit heart-wrenching for all of us, but we are grateful that that is all we lost. So many lost a lot more. After many years of conversations and

By: Christopher Tenggren   My Story of Jim & Barbara Richards of Paloma Vineyards - Spring Mountain, Napa Valley, CA   Long ago now (and many of the details are either lost to age or filed away in my own mental archives), my recollections as a fan, a follower, and as a

Sheldon started life in west Texas where his geologist father, Jim, searched for oil and gas. By the time Sheldon was 12, his father’s search took the family to Alberta. In his early 20s, when his parents moved back to Texas, Sheldon chose to stay in Canada to

In August, we were all very excited to welcome a new member of the Richards family into the world: Fynn Carter Richards. Jace and Cait are the proud parents, and Sheldon is the proud grandfather, of a new baby boy!  2021 also brought with it the ongoing cleanup from

In the fall of 2019, we removed another 450 aging Merlot vines and replaced them in the spring of 2020 with Cabernet Franc. We now have a total of approximately 1000 Cabernet Franc Vines that will hopefully produce a couple hundred cases for us each vintage. The rolling blackouts,

In 2010, Joy and I visited Paloma for the first time. We met Paloma’s matriarch, Barbara Richards. Not only did we have a great time tasting on the back porch with the hummingbirds, but also found her stories of Paloma’s start and growth fascinating. We have loved Paloma

Harvest of 2019 was subject to another set of fires. This time strictly North/North West of Napa in the Mendocino and Shasta regions. Fire, smoke, and power outages made it a challenging year. However, the smoke was mild, relatively speaking, and we suffered no permanent damage. As always,

Even though we had lots of smoke from the Shasta and Mendocino fires, the temperatures were moderate, so the berries were plump and beautiful, which made for a bumper crop for the whole valley. It was one of the five biggest crops we've ever had! Since Barbara's passing in