Malachi Harland

Potato Crusted Wild Salmon Filet with Spring Vegetables and Roasted Jalapeno-Orange Hollandaise

(serves four)


2 each, salmon filet, 8 oz. portions

assorted spring vegetables, bite-size, blanched for two entrée portions

1 russet potato, baked @ 350°F for 40 minutes, let cool

salt and pepper, to taste                              juice of one orange

1 scallion                                                    2 jalapeno, roasted, finely diced, flesh only

1 tbsp. cornstarch                                       6 oz. clarified butter

1 sheet parchment paper                            juice of one lemon

2 each sprig chervil, garnish                        salt and pepper, to taste

1 egg yolk



Prepare the salmon filets

  1. Season salmon filets with salt and pepper and reserve cold.
  2. Peel the russet potato with a paring knife and grate into a mixing bowl, add cornstarch, salt and pepper, sliced scallions and mix thoroughly.
  3. Roll potato mixture in between parchment paper with a rolling pin to form a 1/8-inch thick square (approximately the size of the combined fish surface area)
  4. Remove the top layer of parchment and trim the potato to fit each salmon filet.
  5. Carefully lift the potato and transfer to the salmon filet and reserve.


Prepare the sauce

  1. Combine the yolks, orange juice, and jalapeno in a small mixing bowl,
  2. Place over a simmering pot of water and begin whisking constantly and thoroughly until the egg mixture begins to thicken.
  3. Once thick and smooth, drizzle warm clarified butter into the egg mixture slowly while whisking until all butter is incorporated. Note:  Make sure that any butter that is drizzled into the egg mixture is incorporated by whisking before adding any more.
  4. Once all butter is incorporated, add salt, pepper, and lemon to taste. Reserve this sauce covered in a warm, not hot place until ready to serve.


Cook the salmon filet

  1. Heat any neutral flavored oil in a medium sauté pan until smoking. Use just enough oil to coat the entire bottom of the pan.
  2. Quickly place the salmon filet potato side down in the hot pan.
  3. Reduce heat to very low and let cook until the edges of the potato begin to brown nicely, approximately four minutes.
  4. Turn salmon filets over and cook another 4-6 minutes on medium low heat or until done.



On a warm plate, ladle two ounces of Hollandaise sauce in a circle in the center of the plate. Spoon the blanched spring vegetables on top of the sauce. Place the cooked salmon filet on top of the vegetables. Garnish with a fresh chervil sprig. Enjoy!

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