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This wine has an endless supply of aromatics. Plush vanilla and clove rise from the glass with cool earthy undertones and discrete floral notes. Pronounced plum and hot cinnamon spice jump out at you. This wine makes its entrance with a sharp, pronounced violet plum flavor that slowly expands as you inhale. The tannins begin to gently settle and make a warm cinnamon home on the tongue. Once swallowed, the flavor slowly dissipates and the drinker is left with a mouth-watering want for more. If you are looking for a vintage to blow your mind with flavor this would be it.

This scrumptious vintage is an excellent choice for those intent on aging wine; it is only available in large formats—1.5L and 3L. It also makes an excellent gift for the holidays. It is important to mention that the 2012 does contain a unique sediment and it is recommended that it be strained before enjoying. But don’t let that deter you; this vintage is spectacular.

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2012 as a year

While the rainfall for the year was below average, the summer growing season was consistent and warm which allowed for even ripening. In October, harvest temperatures fluctuated more drastically causing a longer hang time and a slow ripening, which helped create a more nuanced flavor in the vintage.

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