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Being a vintner is a never ending process. Often it is exhausting, and at times, overwhelming. When these moments creep up on you, it is so important to stop and reflect on your why. We chose this lifestyle and more often than not, it is fun. There is nothing exactly like this industry anywhere else in the world. Wine brings people together like no other drink can. 

But most importantly, we love our customers! And every once and a while they surprise us. Sometimes, we receive an email, or a phone call, or an in-person story. In this case, a very special handwritten letter of praise. 

Stuart, you filled our hearts. We haven’t known exactly how to share this or how to properly thank you, but we have wanted to share it ever since we received it back in December of 2022. 

Thank you for this incredible kindness. 


“10, December 2022

Dear Sheldon,                                          

Jenny and I had a most wonderful trip to Napa over Thanksgiving week, and our visit to Paloma and our tasting with you, was the highlight of all that we did there. We appreciate your opening your home to us–and to all who want an authentic vineyard experience. Paloma’s story, the story of your parents, and their devotion to the winemaking craft— is a special one, and it is apparent in talking with you how important it is for the company to stay family run and true to its origins. 

It’s Saturday night, and as fate would have it, our wine just arrived, and Jenny and I decided that our first bottle would be the Paloma 2014 Merlot! We’ve just opened it, and the world’s been made a little merrier already!

Here’s hoping that we’ll be able to visit again during a future trip to the West Coast. 

Cheers to you till next time…

—- Stuart”