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We were 3 couples on our annual trip back in 2008: my brother Rob and his wife Jean from Raleigh (they are most knowledgeable), friends from NJ, and us. The 6 of us had a great time visiting Hourglass, Joseph Phelps, Malk, Arietta, Shafer, and some others, but the highlight of the trip occurred in Barbara’s dining room. She poured, educated, cajoled, and thoroughly captivated us with passion and her dedication to her craft. We became huge Paloma advocates primarily because we felt her greatness–and the wines were pretty good, too!

My brother distinctly remembered how concerned she was that the workers had enough water because it was so hot out. Jim was working in the vineyard as well, so she kept telling him to get everyone water.

As I write this, I recall the limo we hired totally overheating trying to climb the mountain, followed by a harrowing u-turn to us back down for repairs before making another attempt onward and upward. We laughed the whole way!

Les & June Lewis, Scottdale Arizona

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