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In 2010, Joy and I visited Paloma for the first time. We met Paloma’s matriarch, Barbara Richards. Not only did we have a great time tasting on the back porch with the hummingbirds, but also found her stories of Paloma’s start and growth fascinating. We have loved Paloma wines ever since.
We’ve sent a number of our friends to Paloma and they all have had wonderful experiences. In fact, one of our friends loved Paloma so much and the friendship he developed with Sheldon that he has gone out and helped with the harvest.
We live in South Florida and don’t get a chance to visit that often, but when we do Sheldon and now Caston are great hosts.
We do love our wine and so we had some wine barrels tables made for our home that contain empty bottles and corks of our favorite wines and of course Paloma is represented. Recently, we were in southern Georgia and doing some antiquing. We came across an old wine bottle light that had some plain green wine bottles in it. We purchased the light and immediately thought of replacing the green bottles with Paloma bottles.
Since we had not been saving our empties, Sheldon helped us out and sent us some bottles so we could fill up the light and make it complete. This is the result. We love the light and love Paloma wines.
Sol & Joy Stamm