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Imagine stepping into a vineyard where every vine is cared for individually, every cluster of grapes is handpicked, and every bottle of wine tells a story. Welcome to Paloma Vineyard, where we believe maintaining high-quality standards is an art that involves every facet of our operations.

Whether it’s our exceptional product, our one-of-a-kind customer experiences, or our sustainable farming methods, we’re passionately dedicated to bringing you the best of what Napa Valley has to offer.


A Family Affair

Now into our 4th decade of operation, our approach is simple: attention to detail. Jim and Barbara pioneered this mantra when they founded Paloma in 1983. Now their son, owner and winemaker, Sheldon Richards, his sons, and all our team carry that mantra forward.

Whether we are pruning in the vineyard or hosting a group of wine lovers in the tasting room, the little things matter. We learned early on that if we care about what we do and try not to let our egos get in the way, it will shine through in the wine we produce and the experience we provide.


On the Farm

Farming requires a certain amount of intuition and patience. Barbara taught us to listen to the vines. They’re always telling us something.

Without our 10+ visits to each vine throughout a growing season, they would turn into heaps of entanglement, blocking mother nature’s key ingredients: sunshine and airflow. Without this magical pair, grapes may not ripen and mold could set in. Our job is to manage the growth; to be a helping hand.

Fruit load management is another core part of maintaining quality. Dropping fruit is frequently a necessary part of producing a high-quality product. And we will always choose quality over quantity. Our sustainable farming approach allows us the flexibility to adjust to mother nature.



Once the grapes are ready, we like to get our hands dirty as much as possible and try to use minimal machinery. Our team harvests the grapes by hand; we punch down the must three times a day in small fermentation bins by hand; and we pull out all the unwanted debris that finds its way into the fermenting wine by hand.

It is a lot of work to do it all by hand, but it is a labor of love that Jim embodied for nearly 15 years as winemaker. Now Sheldon carries it forward on his father’s behalf, allowing it to shine through in the award-winning wines that we produce year after year.


Sharing the Experience with You

Since Jim and Barbara opened their doors in 1996, we have offered 1-on-1 private tasting experiences in our family home overlooking the Napa Valley. Whether you are a group of 1 or a group of 8, you get our undivided attention. Typically, these are personally hosted by a member of the family–often the winemaker himself.

If you are looking for something a bit less formal, maybe something calm and quiet to end the day, try our late afternoon casual tasting on the deck with the hummingbirds. We set you up overlooking the vineyard and allow you to enjoy some Napa Valley tranquility. We are always available for questions and still more than happy to share any part of our story, but let you guide the experience.


Quality That Lasts

Quality is at the core of everything we do. From sustainable farming and winemaking to the experience we offer guests in our family home when they visit. We are passionate farmers at heart and just excited to share our hard work with our guests.

Whether it’s your first time visiting or your fifth, we promise to make it an experience you will want to share before you even get home. We hope you will join us for a tasting and learn more about our passion! Or get started right at home and have a bottle shipped directly to you by visiting our website!