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This light brick colored wine shines as a slightly transparent red. For those that love older wines, this vintage, still has flavors to express. This vintage is 85% Merlot & 15% Cabernet Sauvignon.

Aromatics off the glass are blue raspberry, dried ripe raspberry, and a hint of black pepper. Swirling deeper into this complex vintage is a tang aromatic when hovering over this note it reminds the drinker of an orange peel and mulled spices, a slight dry oak tickle hits the back of the nose.

As the wine enters the mouth so does a cascade of citrus that catalyzes salivation. This 21 year old wine still holds soothing tannins that linger long after the wine has been swallowed. It would do well paired with a blue cheese and candied walnut desert or a light meat such as rabbit.

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2003 as a Year

As a year 2003 was about as perfect as they get. With light rainfall in the winter, cooler spring, warm to hot summer, a couple of heat spikes right before harvest these grapes picked out on time in mid September into October.

Graph of annual temperature variance in Napa in 2003.

Graph of annual temperature variance in Napa in 2003.