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As of October 10, 2023

The 2010 Merlot has a lovely round mouthfeel with a lush plum and strawberry seed finish. It lets the drinker know that it still has aging potential. At thirteen years, it shows no signs of the all too common “candied” profile or thinning out. It still has tremendous density and depth; this vintage does not taste like it is aging as fast as similar vintages. This kind of longevity inspires the taste buds to extend the question, “What will the coming years bring to the life of the wine in this bottle?”

The soft, lush tannins and dry subtle vanilla speak to the 18 months spent in French oak barrels. Winemaker, Sheldon Richards, chose one-third new French oak and two-thirds neutral French oak for this vintage. This blend ensures an elegant balance of oak, rather than an overwhelming profile. Over time, the strawberry seed-flavored tannins will most certainly continue to soften and the lush plum characteristics may potentially ease out into a softer floral note.

This wonderful vintage is available for purchase for all Collectors Club members!


2010 as a year

The vineyard year was a cooler one compared to most Spring Mountain harvests. Not unlike our current harvest, temperatures spiked at the end of September which allowed us to finish harvesting before the fall rains set in. Rainfall in Napa for 2010 as a whole was average. Spring Mountain, nestled into the Mayacama Mountains, almost always sees more rainfall than the rest of Napa due to the rain shadow coming from the Sonoma side.


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