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The first puff of aroma off the bottle strikes as bright pink starburst before it settles into something totally different in the glass. As the aromas break open, earthy garden florals fill the air. On the pallet, the acidity of this one hundred percent Cabernet Sauvignon adds to its silky, elegant, and charming character. Flavors of hot cinnamon spice complement fine stinging tannins before shifting to a swallow of subtle cinnamon sweetness. And the finish just continues, and continues, and continues.

As Sheldon tells it, the making of this wine was dramatic, and it should be no surprise that twelve years later it tastes equally as dramatic. This wine entertains the drinker, returning sip after sip with a lip-curling smile as she journeys through Paloma’s 2011 Cabernet Sauvignon in the fall of 2023. This wine will age for at least another 10-15 years.

Currently, the 2011 Cab is only available to Collectors Club members.

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2011 as a year

Winemaker, Sheldon Richards, coins it as the most difficult wine he ever made. Overall, 2011 was cool and rains came early during harvest. This complicates the winemaking process adding delays to picking, puts the grapes at risk for things like mold, and makes it difficult to pick the grapes at their optimal “ripeness”.

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