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This vintage of Paloma Merlot is a slight deviation from the typical blend of 85/15 with an 86% Merlot and 14% Cabernet Sauvignon mix. On the nose, fresh fruits of raspberry and plum waft up out of the glass, followed by an undercurrent of earthy herbs, like thyme and sage. On the pallet, this chewy wine satiates with flavors of savory floral and inky black current; it is a slightly heavier-bodied variation of Paloma Merlot but maintains an excellent balance. The finish arrives with refined stinging tannins that linger just enough to make you crave your next sip. This wine would pair beautifully with any poultry, as well as pork chops and rabbit. It would also greatly benefit from the use of any mixture of Herbs de Provence. Thanks to its sublime level of tannins, it will continue to age well for many years to come. At a minimum, another 15.
Only 565 cases were produced and the vintage sold out within a few months. Due to its small production, it is now only available in our three and six-bottle verticals.

Purchase the 2015 Merlot in a three-bottle or six-bottle vertical here.

2015 as a year

Paloma suffered extreme shatter in 2015, reducing the crop for the year by approximately seventy-five percent. Shatter can happen in late May and early June during flowering. Wine grapes are self-pollinating, as such if the flowers get interrupted during pollination, from harsh winds or rain drops which knock the flowers off, there will be fewer grapes come harvest.

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