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The 2017 Paloma Cabernet Sauvignon is unlike other Napa Valley Cabs; its tannins are present, but they don’t “hit you in the face” as they say. This mountain Cab uncoils its cranberry pomegranate depth right from the rim of the glass. A deeper inhale brings a slightly savory aroma, as a hint of blueberry makes itself known. The taste, as of fall 2023, gives the tongue a cooling note as the wine first enters the mouth, followed by a tart red plum. The finish is where the oak sings its note. Sheldon put this Cabernet Sauvignon in one-third new French oak barrels for 18 months, which provides the textured finish of subtle cocoa. While the tannins are soft in comparison to most Napa Cabs, after a few sips they do linger and zap the mouth dry; a great indication of a food pairing wine—click here for some fantastic Paloma pairings!

This relatively young wine is drinking very well now, and I expect it to continue unraveling its velvety complexity for many years to come. Only 420 cases of this vintage were made and 120 remain at the time of writing these tasting notes. Get it while you still can!


2017 as a year

It was a cool, wet winter with ample rainfall which allowed the vines to grow well through the early spring. The summer temperatures were hotter than average, which led to some intense fruit. Fortunately, Cabernet Sauvignon stands up well to the heat.

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