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On the nose, this wine approaches with a soft, round, plushness of ripe summer berry fruits and a hint of savory sage. In the mouth, the wine sits silky with a presence of savoriness; it is extremely approachable upfront. This is very typical of Paloma wines thanks to the racking process over the 18 months spent in the barrel. After swallowing, the drinker is hit with powerful, but pleasantly distinguished tannins. This relatively young wine would greatly benefit from some time in the decanter, especially if it is not being enjoyed with food. However, if you are partial to a strong arm of tannins, this wine may be perfect as is.

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2018 as a year

The winter of 2018 had little to no rain. Fortunately, the saturated ground from the wet 2017 season carried us through the year and led to an abundant harvest. Bud break hit early in March, with a relatively mild summer, and harvest held out until October. This meant a long hang time and slow development for the grapes, allowing for more nuanced characteristics to find their way into fruit. From a growing perspective, 2018 was a vintage year for Paloma. Winemaker, Sheldon Richards, considers the 2018 crop “the best-looking fruit” he has ever seen from a harvest. Opulent, large clusters with a high yield. Mother Nature was extremely kind.

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