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Paloma’s 2019 Merlot opens with cranberry and rich cassis followed up with a slightly dry mocha aromatic. This wine unfolds like a flower as you taste. It lands in the mouth with small strings of tannin and carries itself on a cool floral body. Its weight is just luscious. After an inhale, the wine feels warm in the chest. It is an absolute pleasure to drink down to the last drop. While it is young, it is already remarkable, and it has many years of complex evolution yet to unfold. Easily 15-20 years of notable development. 1792 cases were produced.

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2019 as a Year

A wet winter crept into spring, leading to some shatter. With fewer grapes on the vine, what remained ripened well and consistently throughout the season, creating a more concentrated flavor. After a relatively warm summer, ripening arrived in the early in mid-September. Overall yields for 2019 were down, but the fruit was special. A great harvest! 2019 was a special year for the Richards family. Jace, the youngest of Sheldon’s sons, married his wife Cait in front of the “stone circle”. Sheldon had it specially made for the celebration.

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