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By Lewis Morgenstern

In 2005-2006, my wife and I were making one of our first Napa trips. I called Paloma and Barbara answered. She invited us to come up to the house to taste. My wife and I sat with her (with intermittent visits from Jim) in the living room for quite a while, before she took us to the winery for a barrel tasting. In a time when wine tasting was already impersonal and commercial, Barbara was so warm, friendly, educational, and pleasant that it made our whole trip great. She was out of wine, but we managed to buy a bottle of the 2004 Merlot at a local shop. We just drank it a few days ago and it was wonderful. It brought back great memories.   

We were able to buy 3 bottles of your 2017 Merlot in Michigan recently and have them in the cellar. So happy to see the label is the same. Just wanted to share this good memory.