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Sipping Wine with Hummingbirds is a Scenic View 

At Paloma Vineyard, most people know us for our award-winning wines and breathtaking scenic views from Spring Mountain’s peak. But one thing that sets us apart from other wineries is our hummingbird population. With over 300 hummingbirds flitting around the outdoor tasting area and vineyard in the summertime, it’s a sight to behold.

Our hummingbirds add a magical touch to the wine-tasting experience– most guests come for the wine but stay for the birds. These birds are native to California, but flock to our vineyard because we feed them all year long.  

Paloma Vineyard’s Hummingbirds

In the early days of the winery, Barbara started putting out a feeder or two in the summer to attract hummingbirds. Our guests loved the birds so she slowly got additional feeders. Initially, Paloma only attracted a handful of hummingbirds. But year after year, more hummingbirds flocked to our feeders– first 30, then 50, then 100.

Today, Sheldon puts out about twelve to sixteen feeders in the summer and– according to some of our guests that sip wine for hours and count the birds– we regularly have over 300 hummingbirds on our property. The hummingbird feeders are placed all around our deck, so our guests have optimal viewing no matter where they sit. 

The hummingbirds are so captivating that we often find ourselves staging “interventions” to get our guests to step away from them and back to their wine tasting. 

And although these birds are tiny, they eat a lot– we feed them 10 pounds of sugar a day in the summertime. When the hummingbirds aren’t flapping their wings around our sitting area, they sleep in their nest in nearby deciduous trees. 

When Are the Hummingbirds Around?

The hummingbirds are most prevalent at Paloma Vineyard in the dry season, between May and October. That said, a handful of the hummingbirds skip migration entirely, and stay year round because we continue to feed them.

What Species of Hummingbirds Visit Paloma?

At Paloma, our guests have spotted almost all species of hummingbirds native to Northern California. Our most frequent visitors include Ruby Throated, Black Chinned, Anna’s, Broad tailed, Allen, Calliope, and Violet Crowned. 

If you visit us between May and October, you’ll find the most diverse amount of species simply because there are more birds around. In the winter, most species migrate south to get to a warmer climate. But a few species, particularly the Violet Crowned hummingbird, stay around Paloma Vineyard from November to April. That is if the weather is accommodating.

Bird Watch and Sip Wine at Paloma Vineyard

At Paloma Vineyard, you can experience the best of both worlds– bird watching and wine tasting! If you’re an avid bird watcher, we suggest bringing your binoculars to see how many species you can find. And don’t forget your camera! Most guests are able to get great action shots of the hummingbirds feeding, a perfect memento after you leave. 

Book a tasting with us today, after which you can stay on our deck to bird watch as long as you like. Watching the hummingbirds while you enjoy a glass of our Cabernet or Merlot with a stellar view from the top of Spring Mountain is as blissful as it gets.