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Immerse yourself in the heart of wine country without leaving your living room. Experience the essence of California’s celebrated vineyards, a refined pleasure once reserved only for those visiting our scenic winery. At Paloma Vineyard, we’ve reimagined this exclusive journey through our Wine Club, creating the ultimate way to bring our tasting room home. Our wine club’s primary goal is to enrich your love for our wines by providing an exceptional, home-bound experience that mirrors the unique charm of our vineyard tasting room.


Choose Your Feathers: Collector Levels

Navigating through our membership levels is as smooth as our Merlot. We offer three distinct options—Dove, Hummingbird, and Blue Bird—each tailored to suit the different wine needs of our valued members. Regardless of which club you choose, you have complete control over your purchase selection, including access to our library wines and new releases!


Dove, our premium tier, spoils you with 12 bottles of our finest wines each spring and fall. Members enjoy a 10% product discount, 20% off events, and free shipping on all orders of 12 bottles or more!


Hummingbird collectors receive 12 bottles every spring, along with a 5% product discount and a 10% event discount. For Hummingbird members, each shipment of 12 bottles or more costs a nominal $10 to ship.


For our Blue Bird members, they are delighted with 6 bottles of their choosing each spring. Shipping is $20 for 6 bottles or more at this level, offering an affordable entry point into the wine aficionado world.


Savor the Benefits of Membership

Whether you’re a Dove, a Hummingbird, or a Blue Bird, each Wine Club carries invaluable benefits. From discounts on events to the allure of free tastings at our winery, there’s a tailored advantage for everyone. And of course, with free or discounted shipping, we ensure that our wines take flight to your doorstep seamlessly.


Access to Library Wines

A good wine is like a good book, and our Library Wines are compelling tales bottled over time. This catalog of select vintages from previous years is saved exclusively for our club members. Each sip offers an exciting exploration into our winemaking history, making every bottle from our library a collector’s treasure.


Why Join Paloma Vineyard’s Wine Club?

Membership to the Paloma Vineyards Wine Club is much more than a subscription—it’s an invitation to join a rich heritage and a passionate community. You’ll enjoy the luxury of hand-picking your wine from our extensive selection. Plus, you’ll get early access to our new vintages, letting you taste our winemaker’s latest masterpiece before anyone else. And for those looking for the perfect gift for a wine lover, our memberships can be gifted, allowing your loved ones to share in the Paloma Vineyard experience.

We believe the wines speak for themselves. Each bottle encapsulates our passion, commitment, and the distinctive character of our vineyard, offering you a personal and immersive wine experience.

In essence, our wine club transcends geographical boundaries, giving wine connoisseurs across the country a taste of Paloma Vineyards’ unique charm. As you unbox your shipment, uncork a bottle, and pour your first glass, you’ll experience the finest expression of our vineyard, right there in the comfort of your home. So, why wait? Begin your wine club journey with Paloma Vineyard today!